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To become a registered SfAN member

Follow these steps to become a registered SfAN member:

1. Select your category from the dropdown menu below.
2. Click on the "Join SfAN members" icon.
3. Make your secure online payment through the Paypal webpage that opens. (Payments are accepted via paypal accounts or credit cards/debit cards.
4. After your payment goes through, you will be directed to the membership registration page. Please enter your information and click on the "Register" button.
5. Once your name is added to the SfAN email listserve and database, you will receive a notification e-mail.
6. If you do not receive a notification e-mail within 3 days of submitting your membership information and payment, please contact us by email.

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To donate towards SfAN activities

           To support the SfAN mission, please use the button below to make your generous donation to SfAN.



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